What my clients are saying


"Debbie is a personal trainer you will not find everywhere. Not everyone will check if you have any injuries, any part of your body that is in pain, check the reasons why this may be the case and give you the right exercises to strengthen that part of your body.

I have been with Debbie for many years, I began just attending her boot-camps and quickly realized that even though my IT band was acting up, I could still do exercises, as Debbie will find alternatives for her clients. Then, I took it a step further and began to have personal trainer classes twice a week. Debbie will prepare in advance and have my routines ready, but she will quickly modify them if I mention “my IT band is acting up again” or “I ran too much this past weekend and need to take it easy”. She will switch leg exercises for rehab options in a blink of an eye. I have been to several gyms and other group classes and I end up in pain all the time, but with the alternatives that Debbie provides I have not had any troubles."

Laura Del Moral


"Everyone sees the glory moments, but they don’t see what happens behind the scenes.  
Every once in a while, you find someone who not only has incredible knowledge but who also has wisdom, patience, and insight. The amount of dedication and love that our trainer Debbie  pours into us and our strength, core, flexibility, and balance training is one of our most cherished blessings. It has made us better, stronger dancers and enabled us to execute movements and lifts that no other couple is currently capable of.
Thank you, Deb - we love you!!!! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for us!"

Alyenendrov and Maria 

US Grand National Cabaret champions 2017 and 2018, US Open Cabaret Champions 2016 and 2017, World Stage Tango Champion 2017, International HSC Cabaret Champions 2016 and 2017, National Finalist Cabaret and Theater Arts 2017, World of Dance season 3


"I've been training once a week with Deb for about 7 months now. I can say, without a doubt, that I see a change in my body and feel better than I have in as long as I can remember. I'm building muscle, losing weight, and have a lot more stamina.

Deb greets us with a smile every time we walk through her door. Not only is she knowledgeable, she takes the time to demonstrate each workout and explain why you're doing what you're doing.

She'll have you doing exercises to fire up every muscle in your body, including ones you never knew you had, and is able to give you a full body workout that pleasantly fatigues you while making you feel like a superhero.

I look forward to my training sessions every week. I wouldn't want another trainer, even if they paid me."

Craig Reiff  July 2017


"Everyone should be so blessed to find a trainer such as Debbie!!! I have had four trainers in my life so far hands down the best of them!!!"

Nitzchiya Mutiso


"Since I have been working out with Debbie. I lost over 60 lbs. the results are unbelievable. talk about a total body makeover. Debbie's Fitness routines and her nutritional guidance and advice made it all happen. I can't say enough about her."

Ralph Foster


"Body Reflections is a wonderful Fitness Studio with exceptional trainer (Debbie) and hard working clients. The atmosphere is unique in that it entices everyone to work to their best and make the most of their exercise."

George Suckeriah


"Positive, outgoing and fantastic trainer. She always has a way to adapt to your fitness level and will always keep pushing you. I highly recommend her and am thankful I found her!"

Chris Porter


"Very friendly to people of all shapes and sizes! Very accommodating with modifying anything that requires jumping due to my knee injury. I highly recommend added this to your regiment for anyone trying to lose weight!!!!!"

Jackie Cox


"I have been going to Deb's Sunday boot camps and I am addicted!! The atmosphere is great and so much fun. Deb is a fantastic trainer with a huge heart for her clients."

Shelly May


"I started being trained with Debbie when I was going thru radiation and chemo from breast cancer. I wanted to feel more normal, but was struggling with my limitations. Nine years later, and only able to go see Debbie once/week, I am strong and healthy. I credit much of that to Debbie."

Candis Gorman


"The most incredible atmosphere and positive vibes happen while in the walls of Body Reflections! Debbie listens to her clients , works to each of THIER needs and truly cares! Thanks for changing my life !!! Best decision yet!"

Stacey Poe


"Very positive and outgoing. She adapted to my fitness level and even made me not push myself so hard. I am so very blessed and thankful I was sent to her!!!"

Phyllis Marie



"Thank you Debbie!!! You have been an inspiration to me! Nothing a little hard work and dedication can do! One step at a time, you have helped me get through all sorts of challenges! Can't thank you enough!"

Pam Levinson 10/23/16



“Thank you Debbie! I have gained an amazing 60 pounds of muscle and my progress hasn't stopped. You have helped me surpass my original goals.”

Mike Jackson Jr.

Football Team Captain

Moeller High School

2nd Place, 1998 Ohio Greco-Roman Wrestling Championships


"Not always a winner, but always a competitor! Thanks Debbie for helping me stay  fit."

Tom Rolfes


Competitive Regatta  Participan     


"Deb has helped me completely transform my body. She has helped me with my confidence not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Always fun, always challenging and always worth every drop of sweat!"

Bronwyn Marshall


“Debbie was instrumental in helping my son attain a full-ride football scholarship to college at Virginia Tech. The investment I made with Deb during his teenage years paid off big in the end.”

Mike Jackson Sr., Mason

Father of Mike Jackson Jr. 


"Thanks for the incentive to run my first 5K and to get my body where it is today!"

Jenny Bach


Site Content


"Debbie took me from 145 to under 120 pounds! The best part is that I have maintained it!  Thanks to Debbie I have a new lifestyle and a new me."


Gloria Whipkey



"Thanks for everything you have done for me!"



College scholarship recipient for Swimming"


"Thought our session was awesome. Can't wait to come back."

Theresa Wheeler


"Excellent trainer! Takes her time with her clients and offers nothing but the best, challenging you to be your best!"

Aida Cassino


"This amazing woman has been pushing me beyond what I believed was physically and mentally possible for myself. She has been kicking my butt 4 days a week lately, and to be honest, I wish it was 7!!!!! I love our workouts Debbie! And I love you!!!!!! Thank you for keeping me going!!!!"



"Deb really cared. I was immediately  impressed with her level of professionalism and concern for reaching my goals. As a person who has been through two years of intense cancer treatment, I had concerns about my physical ability. Debbie took the time to ask the medical questions needed and designed a program that perfectly suited my needs."

Adam Turcotte, West   Chester

West Chester